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Since becoming a mama to my sweet little girl, Collins, I have taken a head first dive into the world of everything that is needed for babies and toddlers!  Here I’ll share some of my favorite things - things I couldn’t live without as a breastfeeding mama, to items that made the first year a little raised to all the exciting things she has grown to love! 

Baby's + Toddlers: About

Tiny Land

A fun spin on traditional wooden toys that are designed to not only be functional but to also last and stand the test of the toddler. 


Little Love Bug

Minimalist footwear for your little ones - featuring soft soles, made with a wide toe box from 100% leather. These fabulous shoes are made for little walkers and beyond. 



I came across Colugo when I was researching a compact stroller that we could fly with! Not going to lie, but I hit the jackpot!  We have their Compact Stroller and On the Go Bag and will not travel without them!! Check them out! 


Copper Pearl

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