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My one in a million, my Tucker Joe.

On October 8th, 2022, I was a pet parent and not the vet. I may be able to pull myself together for my clients during their time of need and loss, but I am only human. Just the thought of having to make the decision still breaks my heart! It's still so hard to believe that you left us 6 months ago today.

To my sweet Tucker Joe, you fought the good fight my boy and I will see you again one day!

The following is from a post that I shared the day after having to say goodbye.

'Last night I lost a piece of my heart.  I have dreaded this moment for the last few years, but this morning around 1am, we made the difficult decision to help my sweet Tucker Joe cross the Rainbow Bridge. Anyone that has met him, knows that he was a spunky little thing and I was blessed to spend almost 14 amazing years with my little man. I will forever be thankful for the many amazing memories and life events that we shared - college, vet school, countless road trips and moves, meeting Jordan, starting our careers, adding fur siblings and most recently, welcoming his human sister, Colly.

It was no secret that TJ has had liver issues his entire life that we have been able to manage.  But over the last two years he developed progressive respiratory issues that we have tried everything for, ranging from specialist to medication after medication. Some seemed to help, but only for a limited time. I knew this day was coming, but I thought we had a little more time. Last night, there was nothing more I could do for him and my heart could not bear to watch him fight any longer. Not waking up to his coughing fits was a painful feeling, but I’m holding on to every memory we have together. Praising the Lord that I can finally say Tucker is free of all the hardships his little body faced over the years!

Here’s to my one in a million, fly high sweet boy, you will always have my heart!  Go find Levi, Hercules and Maddie, they’re waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again. ❤️'

I know I am not alone on this journey! Prayers to anyone and everyone who has ever had to say goodbye to their four legged friend. They most certainly leave a mark on our hearts!

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