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Let’s talk Safer Skincare.

Have you ever stopped and actually read the ingredients on your shampoo, moisturizer or lipstick? Like, really read them and understood the ingredients?

The very first time I actually took the time to read the ingredients and investigate the ones I was not familiar with, was the day my eyes were truly opened to the fact that I didn't know or agree with most of the ingredients. This was also around the time of my first miscarriage (different story for a different day), which made me feel so incredibly incomplete and broken. What ensued next was a head first dive into the regulations, or lack there of, of the beauty industry and for that matter, all of our household products.

Insert discovering safer options for both myself and for my family, starting with what goes on our bodies. Looking into skincare, I found a brand that's main goals were to eliminate all the known toxins, carcinogens and harmful ingredients from their products, remain transparent, sustainable and environmentally friendly. A good friend actually introduced me to it after her own wellness journey, shout out to Lindsey!

Okay, so enough keeping it a secret, Beautycounter helped kickstart my wellness journey and the switch to clean, non toxic products. Since switching, I genuinely feel better, my skin has significantly less breakouts and has so much more of a glow! I love the way these products make my skin feel and how it has given me a huge confidence boost.

The majority of my skincare and beauty products are from Beautycounter, but I definitely enjoy trying new clean brands all the time, such as Crunchi, Ilia and Honest Beauty to name a few! Stay tuned for my product reviews from each of these brands in the future!!



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